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The Confessing Scientist

For many years, I often wondered how an encounter with Jesus could change the Creation War. As my contemplation deepened, I wrote and lectured often on how Jesus is fundamentally reordering my view of world. This reordering grew my discomfort with the term theistic evolutionist. I continue to affirm evolutionary science, as most scientists do,…
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In Defense of Tim Keller

Instead of narrowly arguing for our own theology, let us all advocate for truthful accounts of science and the full diversity of the Church. Peace.

Dr James Tour and the Great Pascal

This last year, I had the privilege of interacting with Dr. James Tour, one of the great chemists of our time. He is in the Intelligent Design  (ID) “orbit,” having signed the Dissent from Darwinism many years ago. However, he does not consider himself an ID proponent. For years he had a very eloquent explanation…
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Reviewing Adam and the Genome

On April 12, 2017, I gave an invited lecture with Dr. Ken Cuffey at Urbana Seminary, reviewing the book by Scot McKnight and Dennis Venema, Adam and the Genome. This book is important. There is much with which to agree. However, I depart from them on their main thesis, that both science and theology are ambivalent…
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Confessing Jesus in Science

This is an excerpt from an important article by the Lutheran theologian at Concordia seminary. Okamoto, Joel (2015) “Making Sense of Confessionalism Today,” Concordia Journal: Vol. 41 : No. 1 , Article 5. The article is focused on Lutherans, but his take on the importance of confessing “Jesus is Lord” is particularly relevant in the…
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The Overlooked Science of Genealogical Ancestry

Theological questions are raised by evolution, but genealogical science has been overlooked. In the age of genomes, new information is reshaping our understanding, but the critical theological questions arise from genealogies, not genetics. Instead of rethinking Adam, perhaps we should rethink the debate? This article is the scientific addendum to an article published in Sapientia. A detailed…
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Finding A Grounded Faith

Finding a Grounded Faith is a part of a series of excerpts of my story originally published in “Finding Confident Faith in Science.” Didaskalia 27 (2017): 165-88. It is senseless to follow Jesus because of family, culture, comfort, or even science. No, we are to follow Jesus because he rose from the dead, revealing to all mankind that God exists,…
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Other Ground is Sinking Sand

Other Ground is Sinking Sand is a part of a series of excerpts of my story originally published in “Finding Confident Faith in Science.” Didaskalia 27 (2017): 165-88. We live in a scientific world, one that looks to science as the only reliable path to public truth. In this world, where do people of faith look for…
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Common Ground: Year 1

Over the next two years, we aim to find common ground in the origin debates. The Inquiry Into Common Ground is directed by Dr. S. Joshua Swamidass, housed at Washington University, and administered by Saint Louis campus ministries (Intervarsity and Cru). Even though we do not agree with or endorse all positions, we believe dialogue is important, and common ground exists. We are pleased…
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