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The Age of Rubio’s Earth

In the midst of the current election season I decided to repost this blog post from 2012. In 2012 I  published an article in the Wall Street Journal about Marc Rubio’s comments to GQ Magazine about the age of the Earth. You can read it here. I decided to make this page to include a…
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Evidence and Evolution

This article is directed at religious leaders that hope to engage with mainstream science in a non-combative, creative and productive way. The controversy over science in this article is considered elsewhere, but my real interest is in how I might respond theologically to what I see so clearly in science. Please consider responding to my theological question here.  Recently, several curious…
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More Than Just Apes

This article is directed at scientists and religious leaders that want to non-combatively, creatively and productively engage with mainstream science. Curious and honest questions are welcome. Those that want to debate the science will be handled elsewhere. Scientifically speaking, humans appear to be genetically-modified apes, with genomes that are more than 98% similar to chimpanzees in coding…
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The Overlooked Science of Genealogical Ancestry

Theological questions are raised by evolution, but genealogical science has been overlooked. In the age of genomes, new information is reshaping our understanding, but the critical theological questions arise from genealogies, not genetics. Instead of rethinking Adam, perhaps we should rethink the debate? This article is the scientific addendum to an article published in Sapientia. A detailed…
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Reviewing Adam and the Genome

On April 12, 2017, I gave an invited lecture with Dr. Ken Cuffey at Urbana Seminary, reviewing the book by Scot McKnight and Dennis Venema, Adam and the Genome. This book is important. There is much with which to agree. However, I depart from them on their main thesis, that both science and theology are ambivalent…
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In Defense of Tim Keller

Instead of narrowly arguing for our own theology, let us all advocate for truthful accounts of science and the full diversity of the Church. Peace.

Evolution and the Problem of Evil

These arguments against theism and evolution, however, are not sensible arguments against a Jesus-grounded faith. That suffering might move us from good to perfect, however, is entirely expected in light of the God we find by Him.

Reworking the Science of Adam

This last year, 2017 till now, we have been reworking the science of Adam. This brings us several new ways to think about Adam and Eve in human origins. This is significant in the conversation between science and the Christian faith, as two fairly large scientific errors have been corrected.  In all these cases, it…
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Launching Our Forum

Peaceful Science does not fit into any of the existing “camps” in origins. We want to find common ground for everyone who wants to find a Christ-centered and non-confrontational relationship with mainstream science. We hope to serve the Church with an accurate account of science, a high view of Scripture, and a genuine bid for peace.…
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