Peaceful Science

The Grand Questions of Origins

Peaceful Science is a community in dialogue with each other and mainstream science. We value diversity and disagreement, seeking instead to understand and be understood. Rather than specific answers, we find common ground in the questions. 

How did we arise?
What makes us different than the other animals?
What does it mean to be human?

These are existential questions that no one can fully answer.  This is why the science of origins is contentious. For religious communities, human origins is where the conflict lies.

We want a better way.  Instead of settled answers, we are taking questions seriously. Rather than advocacy and debate, we seek understanding.

Do we all descend from a single couple?

It is a deceptively simple question with subtle complexity. 

Do we mean genetic or genealogical ancestry?
What it is human in science and theology?
Why might ancestry be important?

Here at Peaceful Science, we found three new ways to think about Adam and Eve in the context of mainstream science. Of most interest to many of us, it is possible Adam and Eve, genealogical (not genetic) ancestors of us all, were de novo created less than 10,000 years ago in the Middle East. At the same time, we all share common ancestors with the great apes. 

New understanding of scientific findings is opening a new conversation.

The Confessing Scientist

Peaceful Science is run by Dr. S. Joshua Swamidass MD PhD, a scientist, physician, and professor at Washington University in Saint Louis. He is a computational biologist, with a research group solving problems at the intersection of biology, medicine, and chemistry.  He was a science advisor for the AAAS Science for Seminaries Program with Concordia Seminary, and is a rising voice in science and theology.

Dr. Swamidass is a confessing scientist, a scientist in the Church and a Christian in science, giving a truthful account of mainstream science alongside his path to confident faith.