Fazale Rana: Thinking About Evolution

Creationists ask in one chapter of the book, "What if Big 'E' Evolution is True?" The answer moves the conversation forward.

Michael S. Heiser: How Do Sacred and Natural History Entwine?

Michael Heiser pursues his exegetical work on its own terms, engaging watchfully with science. How do sacred and natural history combine?

John Inazu: Humility, Tolerance, Patience

We disagree. These disagreements matter. Still, we can find a better way than conflict. Let us move towards one another from here.

Barbara Forrest: The Trojan Horse at Dover

Barbara Forrest argues that Intelligent Design is a Trojan Horse, just a rehash of creationism. Is this really true? I'm not so sure.

Pierre Baldi: Protein Folding and AI’s Impact on Science

Pierre Baldi has been applying Deep Learning, a type of AI, to study scientific problems, like protein folding. How is AI impacting science?

James Tour: A Chemist’s Questions on Evolution

James Tour and I do not agree on everything, but we found virtue in the wasteland, friendship across our disagreements.

Kenneth Miller: A Textbook Biologist at the Dover Trial

Fifteen years ago in the Dover Trial, one of the star witnesses was Kenneth Miller, a textbook biologist. He has many stories to tell.

Michael Behe: Kafka at the Dover Trial

15 years ago, the biochemist Micheal Behe was a star witness at the Dover Trial. He explains the trial was Kafkaesque, a surreal experience.

Eugenie Scott: The Dover Trial and the Scientist Hat

It is the fifteenth anniversary of the Dover Trial, so let's revisit Eugenie Scott's "scientist hat."

Elaine Ecklund: Do Science and Faith Need Each Other?

Do science and faith need each other? Join the conversation today with Elaine Ecklund, a sociologist of science, about her new book.

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