How will you manage mistakes in your book?

As for me, I aim to quickly correct my own mistakes as publicly as I make them. This is one of the demands of science, and what I expect of others.

Typos, Errata, and Corrections

This book arises out of a civic practice of science. One ideal of science is forthrightness and honesty, especially in how we manage our mistakes.

This download discloses and tracks the errata, corrections, and typos in The Genealogical Adam and Eve. Please submit any errors you find through the forum. Before making a report, first ensure that it is not already accounted for in the errata below.

I Was Wrong on “Monophyletic”

I was wrong. I incorrectly used the terms “monophyletic” and “polyphyletic” in my book, The Genealogical Adam and Eve. I am correcting the record here.

How does the isolation of Tasmania impact recent universal ancestry?

The question of Tasmania pulls us deeper into science, wondering together about what we know and the limits of our knowledge. Let the conversation grow.