Whatever your personal beliefs, we saved a chair for you.

Introduce yourself.
ring your questions. 

The forum is rowdy, because science is rowdy. But scientists take good faith questions seriously, and we want to engage with you.

What are your questions?

A Humanist’s Invitation to Peaceful Science

Former Christian turned atheist, Stephen Matheson, invites fellow secular humanists to join the growing conversation at Peaceful Science.

On Growing Trust Between Worlds

Despite our significant differences, Nathan Lents and I found common ground in science, in education, and in our common humanity. That’s worth celebrating.

Our Front Porch

So have you heard the one about the atheist, the creationist, and the computational biologist? Sounds like the start of a joke, doesn’t it? But what if it wasn’t the start of a joke, but the start of a conversation?

A Fractured Society

The fractures in society are deep and unhealthy. Most of us do not engage with those with whom we disagree. We want to build something different here.

Disputing Mainstream Science

Arguments on the internet between non-professionals rarely (if ever) have bearing on how mainstream science progresses.

This is just not how science works.

Science is not intuitive. It is very mathematical and technical. Science requires very careful adherence to specific logical rules and standards. There are a multitude of rhetorically strong points that convince the crowds, but are totally false. The rules and conclusions of mainstream science, for this reason, are not going to be altered by public debate or consensus.

Do not mistake this as an “appeal to authority.” Science can certainly be wrong. At times it is. Even when it is right, science’s certainty and scope are sharply limited. If you feel the need, go ahead and disagree with science. You might even be right. Just remember that public debate by non-professionals very rarely affects scientific opinion, and internet forums and politics are not an effective way to change science.

If you must dispute mainstream science, it is not our aim to change your mind. Rather, we hope that you might understand what you reject, and that, perhaps, we might understand you too. We might also see how your most deeply held beliefs are not threatened.

An Open Forum

This is an open forum where everyone polite is welcome to engage with the grand questions with us.  There is value in free exchange of ideas, so that legitimate questions can be addressed, and real concerns uncovered. The ideas expressed in this forum cover a wide range of topics, including a wide range of beliefs. We place a high value on building bridges and kindness to others, neither of which should  be mistaken for endorsement of any claims.

Gather Around The Questions

We seek a community that does not depend on agreement. Everyone is welcome here, even if we disagree strongly with your point of view. We find substantial common ground in our shared questions, the grand questions. 

What does it mean to be human?