Faith Across the Multiverse

Parables From Modern Science

Science is often presented as a set of propositions to affirm. On those terms, the existence of God becomes yet another such proposition, and all science can offer is a yes or a no. Andy Walsh thinks science offers more. By enriching our language with new concepts, science can help us know God, rather than merely know of him. This is the pattern established in the Bible; the psalmists, the prophets, and the epistle writers all use language about nature to help us understand God. Even Jesus relied on metaphors from the natural world when he wanted to explain the kingdom of God. This book explores concepts from contemporary science to illuminate Scripture and reveal more about the God who has unfurled the multiverse. Sections of the book cover metaphors and parables from mathematics, physics, biology, and computer science.

From a Certain Point of View
From a Certain Point of View Andy Walsh
Have you ever been shipped off to a military academy as a preteen, only to find it’s an orbital platform with low gravity? How do you find a frame of reference to orient to those new surroundings?
Stop! You're Both Right!
Stop! You’re Both Right! Andy Walsh
Kamala Khan or Ms Marvel? Light particle or Light wave? Jesus the Son of Man or Jesus the Son of God? Which of these identities are the true ones? They all are.
The Power of Babelfish Andy Walsh
They thought they were talking about the same thing because they were using the same word, but they actually had very different concepts in mind. Enter the Babelfish.
The Axiom of Belief
The Axiom of Belief Andy Walsh
Dr. Andy Walsh’s new book is a treat. Faith Across the Multiverse: Parables from Modern Science is a unique book, certainly worth reading.