Robert's Rules of Order in Action

How to Participate in Meetings with Confidence


Robert’s Rules of Order make meetings more productive and organized. Robert’s Rules of Order in Action is the quick and easy way to master the essentials. This book puts the most important parliamentary instructions, terms, and examples at your fingertips.

All the essential rules for meetings, motions, debate, and voting are here, so you can take command of your next meeting and really get things done. Robert’s Rules of Order in Action includes:

  • Well-rehearsed—Example scripts tell you exactly what to say.
  • Quick Reference—Clearly marked tabs help you find the information you need immediately.
  • Concise Glossary—You’ll master Robert’s Rules of Order—the procedure and the language.

Robert’s Rules of Order in Action makes learning these dynamic and empowering tools remarkably easy. Meeting adjourned.

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