Thinking about Evolution

25 Questions Christians Want Answered

We Have Questions about Evolution, But Is It Safe to Ask?

As children, we fearlessly enter the world with curiosity and a sense of exploration. As we get older, the stakes get higher. We find that new ideas can be disturbing when they don’t fit our view of life or they challenge our current understanding. The potential for disruption is why many people are afraid to ask questions—or to allow others to ask.

In Thinking about Evolution, molecular biologist Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts, biochemist Fazale Rana, paleoanthropologist Sue Dykes, and analytical philosopher Mark Perez guide us to a place where, once again, we can fearlessly embrace curiosity. We’re invited to ask questions such as, “Is evolution really a problem for the Christian faith?” and “What if evolution is true?” Then, we can wrestle with the answers together, building the confidence that allows us to be more comfortable with others’ questions—as well as our own.