A civic practice of science, making space for differences.

Vision, Values, and Mission

Seeking Understanding

We are a diverse community of scholars, advancing science in a fractured society, engaging the grand questions together. In dialogue with others, we want to understand and to be understood.

Finding a Better Way

Advocating for particular "answers" creates conflict when our answers disagree. We see a new way, a better way forward, where we organize around shared questions, values and virtues.

Virtues and Values

We want to make space for differences with a civic practice of science, aspiring to humility, patience, and tolerance. Questions, we believe, should be welcomed with couragecuriosity, and empathy. Scientists, at our best, engage questions with rigor and honesty.

The Grand Question

What does it meant be human? This is the grand question that unsettles simple answers. At times, we come with different answers, and this tension makes the exchange dynamic.

Diverse Confessions

We value lucid self-disclosures (which we sometimes term “confession”). Transparency builds trust. Our founding scientist is a Christian that affirms the Lausanne Covenant and evolutionary science. Peaceful Science, the organization, however, includes scientists and scholars with many different personal beliefs and non-beliefs.


We are guided by a trust-building strategy, rather than a knowledge-deficit model or an appeal to authority. We invite trust by seeking understanding and common ground, and by acting in ways worthy of trust.​​

The Overlooked

We serve overlooked communities, institutions, and scholars with innovative partnerships, collaborations, and content. 

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