Renewing a Conversation on Mere Theistic Evolution

Michael Murray and John Churchill answer several theological objections to evolution, offering a better way.

Ending the Evolution Wars requires a response to the theological objections of evolutionary skeptics.

In 2017, several Intelligent Design scholars wrote a book, the Crossway book on Theistic Evolution. They offered two primary theological objections to evolution: (1) evolution is in conflict with the doctrine of God’s providence, and (2) evolution is in conflict with a historical Adam and Eve.

In 2019, Michael Murray and John Churchill published their response, Mere Theistic Evolution (MTE). They argued that divine providence and a historical Adam and Eve are, in fact, compatible with evolutionary science.

Several scholars responded to MTE at The Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) meeting that year.

To renew and reopen the conversation on MTE, we are publishing the articles from the ETS session over the next month.

Mere Theistic Evolution Michael J. Murray, et al.
In a review of Theistic Evolution, two scholars propose “Mere Theistic Evolution” as a way to bridge the divide between Intelligent Design and evolutionary science.
Feb 15, 2022
Feb 15, 2022
Mar 1, 2022
Jul 15, 2024

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