What Young Earth Creationists are Missing

ETS panelists explain why they are not convinced by young earth creationism, but see value in a genealogical Adam and Eve.

The next two articles from the ETS session on the GAE are important. Richard Averbeck, a renown biblical scholar, explains why he left young earth creationism, not because of science, but because of Scripture.

Andrew Loke, the philosopher, responds to Drs. John Sanford, Rob Carter and Hans Madueme. These authors missed some important basic facts, and its showing in their responses to The Genealogical Adam and Eve.

On the surface, the origins debate is a conflict between evolution and creation. But, on a fundamental level, it is really about the grand questions of what it means to be human. Who is God? Who are we? Pause to think about these things with Andrew Walsh.

From a Certain Point of View
From a Certain Point of View Andy Walsh
Have you ever been shipped off to a military academy as a preteen, only to find it’s an orbital platform with low gravity? How do you find a frame of reference to orient to those new surroundings?
Stop! You're Both Right!
Stop! You’re Both Right! Andy Walsh
Kamala Khan or Ms Marvel? Light particle or Light wave? Jesus the Son of Man or Jesus the Son of God? Which of these identities are the true ones? They all are.
Jan 4, 2022
Jan 4, 2022
Mar 1, 2022
Jun 17, 2024

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