The AAR Session on The Genealogical Adam and Eve

The American Academy of Religion hosts a session on The Genealogical Adam and Eve.

The 2020 Annual Meetings, hosted by the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature, is the world’s largest gathering of scholars interested in the study of religion.

Science and Religion in The Genealogical Adam and Eve

Computational biologist S. Joshua Swamidass’ book, The Genealogical Adam and Eve, has aroused considerable dialogue between science and different religious points of view. His proposes a late Adam and Eve (ca. 10kya) created de novo by God, ancestors of us all, a view which he claims is fully compatible with contemporary evolutionary biology. This work raises questions about the limits of science, the dialogue between religion and science, and interdisciplinary questions about the meaning of “human” that matter to both secular and religious scholars alike.

Author: S. Joshua Swamidass (Washington University, Saint Louis)

Moderator: William Lane Craig (Talbot School of Theology & Houston Baptist University) Panelists:

  • Michael Heiser (Awakening School of Theology, Jacksonville, Florida)

  • Kenneth R. Miller (Brown University)

  • Paul Louis Metzger (Multnomah University & Seminary)

  • Greg Cootsona (Chico State University)

The articles are published here. A recording of the full session is available too.