Key Advances in the Science of Adam, Eve, and Evolution

What does population genetics say about Adam and Eve?

The papers here were presented at the 2022 workshop at the Annual Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation.

This workshop is designed for scholars and lay-people alike, with the goal of understanding several new and under-appreciated findings in the science of human origins that are important for the Church. In particular, over the last five years, our understanding of how evolutionary science interacts with the sacred history in Genesis has dramatically changed. As one scholar puts it, “we have arrived at the point where we can confidently affirm that the basic evolutionary story is not the threat to Christian orthodoxy that we once feared, and not because we had to compromise on orthodoxy.” At the same time, we are finding strong connections between human origins and societal questions about race and injustice. There is urgency here for those engaging the Church with science; most still do not know about this rapprochement and what it offers us. Scholars also have reason to be excited; a host of new theological and scientific questions are rising in a growing conversation about what it means to be human.