The BioLogos Series on “Adam, Eve, and Population Genetics”

In 2010, the BioLogos Foundation’s arguments against Adam and Eve were covered in Christianity Today. In response to scientific criticism of these arguments, BioLogos published this series of articles in 2014 and 2015.

In 2017, this series was found to have several conclusion-altering scientific errors. January 2020, BioLogos briefly acknolwedged errors in this series. However, they declined our request to transparently correct the scientific errors here.

Instead, in June 2021, BioLogos deleted the series. They posted a new article at a different URL with different authorship. The new aricle is a substantially revised version of the first article in this series, back-dated to November 12, 2014. The conclusions of the new article are substatially reivised, but the note claimed they were “unchanged.”