In these divided times, conflicts can be difficult to resolve. With this in mind, allow me to commend and thank The American Scientific Affiliation (ASA)1 for acting with true integrity, as seen in their open letter of apology.

It takes real courage for an institution to transparently admit mistakes and seek to correct them. The leadership this letter demonstrates is an example for all of us to follow.

With great gratitude, I accept their apology. Speaking on a personal level, the effort and sentiment represented by their letter has been, and is, deeply humanizing.  

There is a story to tell about what happened, and how it resolved. For now, the ASA’s letter gives all the critical details. More information is available in an editorial note on our website and our forum

Today, I am renewing my membership with the ASA. They hope to work with Peaceful Science in the future, and we certainly look forward to working with them.

The ASA’s Apology

My Response

  1. The American Scientific Affiliation, or ASA, was founded in 1941 as a professional society of Christians in the sciences. It is one of the most important academic organizations at the interface of science and the Christian faith. ↩︎