Deleted Articles

Peaceful Science’s mission is to encourage conversation about the grand question of what it means to be human. One way we do this is by publishing academically and historically important articles that have been deleted by other organizations. In some cases, we may also publish the original versions of heavily edited articles in this section too.

Each article in this section is published under the Fair Use Doctrine of U.S. Copyright law. They are enhanced with editorial notes that explain the context and importance of each article, and why it was deleted. In some cases, we also add references to articles. All editorial additions are identifiable with a light gray background. Broken links are updated in place, without a gray background.

These are influential articles with histories. The “online” and “modified” dates corresponds to editorial comments and additions. The “published” date corresponds to when the deleted article was originally published. In returning these articles to the academic record, there is an opportunity to advance public understanding of science.

Please contact us about any inaccuracies to they may be corrected. We make a good faith effort to recreate and accurately represent the original version of each deleted article. But some details are hard determine with total certainty. For example, the date of deletion date is difficult to establish with high precision.

We invite and encourage scholars to submit articles that explain to larger audiences the errors in any of these articles. Or to provide any additional explanation of the context other than what we have provided.