Peaceful Science hopes to encourage conversation about the grand question of what it means to be human. One way we do this is by hosting pre-prints and post-prints of academic articles.

Pre-prints are scholarly articles published without formal peer review. Some preprints may have been first published in non-scholarly contexts, such as blogs. In the future, the authors may choose submit these articles to peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Publishing these articles as preprints brings them into the formal academic record, where they can be cited and publicly engaged.

Post-prints are scholarly articles published after first being presented in a conference or a closed access publication. These articles may have been peer reviewed, and are linked to the first context they were published. Publishing these articles as post-prints makes them accessible to scholars in other fields and the larger public.

All post-prints and pre-prints are assigned DOIs to facilitate citation. In both cases, critical commentary and discussion is welcomed. We encourage post-publication review of prints by qualified scholars.

On Mere Theistic Evolution Thomas H. McCall
The Christian community needs to see more humility from its intellectual leaders—and more patience and less pressure to crank out surefire answers to hard questions on complex issues.
Mere Theistic Evolution Michael J. Murray, et al.
In a review of Theistic Evolution, two scholars propose “Mere Theistic Evolution” as a way to bridge the divide between Intelligent Design and evolutionary science.