How Billy Graham Married Evangelism and Anthropology

As segregation ended, the great evangelist Billy Graham contemplated the gospel alongside the anthropology of race: “God hath made of one blood.”

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Zachary Ardern: Resurrection and Reality

An evolutionary biologist confesses that Jesus rose from the dead. The message of the Resurrection was early, persuasive, and transformative.

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A Fair Hearing for Behe

We are giving Behe a fair hearing, but he faces honest critique from scientists. This is how science works, and it is the best we can do.

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Daniel Ang: A Scientist Looks at the Resurrection

A physicist confesses that the electron is round and that Jesus rose from the dead. “My own faith is informed by the evidence, but it is much more.”

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I Agree With Behe

I want to affirm again my common ground with Behe. Dialogue is only possible if we keep our common ground in view, and we have much of common ground.

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Retire Darwin Day?

In the journey toward a more gracious and inclusive origins dialogue, perhaps retiring Darwin Day could be a small but worthwhile step that we are all willing to take.

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What exactly is it that science does and does not say?
We are a trusted voice in a scientific world, engaging these questions with empathy.

Reasons to Believe

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Hugh Ross and Fazale Rana have a model for Adam and Eve. In light of genomic evidence, will their model stand or will it fall?

William Lane Craig

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The Creation Project and William Lane Craig are seeking a new way forward on Adam and Eve.

Tim Keller and BioLogos

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Tim Keller and The Gospel Coallition  care about de novo creation of Adam. BioLogos says “no,” but is this really what science says?

A Surprising Finding

The Genealogical
Adam and Eve

Entirely consistent with the scientific evidence, it is possible Adam was created out of dust, and Eve out of his rib, ancestors of us all, less than 10,000 years ago. So, evolution presses in a very limited way on our understanding of Adam and Eve, only suggesting (alongside Scripture) that their lineage was not pure.


Both science and theology bring us to the grand questions of origins. Where did we come from? What does it mean to be human?


We are a diverse community in dialogue, seeking to understand and be understood, finding common ground in the questions.


A confessional scientist in society, seeking a new way forward, in dialogue with both established and rising voices.