The Genealogical Adam and Eve

A civic practice of science, making space for differences.

Some think Adam and Eve are a myth. Some think evolution is a myth. Either way, the best science opens up space to engage larger questions together.

Christians are often taught to reject evolutionary biology. With this research, it is my hope they will attain a greater respect for the discipline.

Nathan H. Lents

The Meaning of "Ancestor" and of "Human"

We Face a Mystery in Origins


Just like us, C. S. Lewis encountered challenges from science. Rather than falling into unending arguments, he found a better way.  Following his example, how would we make sense of people outside the Garden?

The Genealogical Adam and Eve

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About The Author

S. Joshua Swamidass MD PhD

A scientist, physician, and associate professor of laboratory and genomic medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Swamidass uses artificial intelligence to advance science at the intersection of medicine, biology, and chemistry. Dr. Swamidass is a Veritas Forum speaker and was science advisor for the AAAS/DoSER Science for Seminaries Program. He is the founder of Peaceful Science, making space for differences with a civic practice of science. 


As a secular scientist, I was seriously skeptical of this book. Nevertheless, Swamidass has ably shown that the current evidence in genetics and ancestry is compatible with a recently de novo–created couple as among our universal common ancestors.

Nathan Lents, biologist, author of Human Errors

Both scientists and people of faith should read this book to learn that conflict and irrelevancy are not the only ways in which science and religion can interact.

Alan R. Templeton, biologist, author of Human Population Genetics and Genomics

In this book, Joshua Swamidass effectively demonstrates that people like me, stuck in a specific genetic paradigm, were wrong...He shows in a clearly written, highly accessible style how a traditional understanding of the Genesis narrative, including the sudden creation of Adam and Eve, is fully compatible with science. 

Darrel Falk, biologist, author of Coming to Peace with Science

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Andy Crouch

William Lane Craig

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